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Before My Body Is Dry Dubstep Before My Body Is Dry Dubstep

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like how this song was written. As you said in your description, the vocals are incredible and I find the arrangement to sound really good. The song has a sort of haunting sound that makes me think of Evanescence having a baby with dubstep. There's lots of emotion and passion in this song and I particularly like the part at 2:03.

The fact that the song just kind-of starts is a bit strange. I understand what's supposed to be happening but it feels a little to abrupt. I think a simple uplifter or lead-in note before the beginning of the song would smooth that out. Also, sometimes the vocals seem to be fighting to be heard against the instruments during the refrain. Sometimes its ok, it's just that other times they compete.

Overall I really enjoyed it.

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dj-Jo responds:

ah thanks man!

Hmmm I see what you mean about the beginning. I'll change it up a little when I release this on it's album. I also hear some places in the verse it needs adjusting. As for the pre drop part after the chorus, the vocals there were supposed to be there for effect but I guess I didn't add enough reverb to make it seem like they were there not to be understood. Oh well, I'll fix that up as well!

Thanks for the feedback!
I know, I suck at replying to these hahaha

/ Edge of the universe / / Edge of the universe /

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow. Well made. Sounds are all really tight and the instrumental choice makes sense. The song is full of energy that seems to threaten to bubble over the top and encourages dancing. I'm enjoying this one.

PotencY - Immersion || HQ PotencY - Immersion || HQ

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You have some really nice melodies out and about in this song. My main criticism would be that the drop section could be a bit cleaner, with maybe the snares and HHats cutting though a bit more. Though, that's only my opinion so it was a stylistic decision then that's alright!

Mea-Anima responds:

Thanks for your constructive review nFlux!.
Yes I agree. The hats should've been a little louder now that I look at it myself.
Thanks again!